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Agrilending provide livestock financing solution for Farmers, Feedlots and Agents. We will fund your livestock purchases for backgrounding, finishing, and trading livestock on both pasture and within feedlots.


With Agrilending you will:
  • Own the livestock from day 1, allowing you to put the livestock on your balance sheet.
  • Hold the purchased livestock for up to 12 months with no hurdles or penalties if you repay early or change sale dates.
  • We will fund 100% of the invoice for Premium Farmers and Feedlots.
  • Receive competitive pricing.
  • Have access to your facility online and receive monthly statements
How it works
  • Agrilending establish a lending facility with a defined limit. You may purchase livestock up to that limit.
  • Each loan has a maximum 12-month term.
  • You make all purchase and sale decisions.
  • Agrilending settles the purchase invoice and carries the purchase price of the livestock and interest charges until the livestock are sold.
  • If you sell the livestock through your livestock agent, we will invoice your agent for the loan repayment.
  • If you sell the livestock to a processor, 100% of proceeds are sent to Agrilending where we will deduct the loan repayment costs and remits the remaining proceeds to you.
  • We pay down the loans proportionately as the livestock are sold.


If you would like further information, please fill in the form below and a finance specialist will be in contact to discuss your livestock funding requirements.

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152 William Street, Bathurst
NSW 2795

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