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Funding Better Farming

Building a strong agribusiness requires the backing of a responsive and supportive lending partner.
Agrilending assist both Agents and Farmers with responsive lending solutions with up to the minute
reporting that allow action to be taken when it’s needed.

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Innovative, rapid, sustainable, simple.

Agrilending’s Lending programs are an innovative and sustainable funding alternative for the agricultural and livestock industry. 

Agrilending offer approved agents and farmers an effective and expedient financing
solution for their livestock purchases.

Agrilending is funding better farming.

What Agrilending Offer

Agent Livestock

Our Agent livestock product allows Agents to free up their own capital but still provide their clients with a cost effective, rapid finance solution for cattle and lamb purchases.

Premium Farmer Livestock Lending

Our Premium Farmer product provides funding for the purchase of beef cattle or sheep by farmers who conduct large volumes of livestock trading on a regular or seasonal basis, year after year.

Feedlot Livestock

Our Feedlot product provides a funding facility for established feedlots for the purchase of beef cattle or sheep without imposed weight gain targets or compulsory offtakes.

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